Early cancer screening – Dr Sahir announces new partnership

Early cancer screening

Dr Sahir has brokered a strategic partnership between Datar Cancer Genetics Limited, a World-leading molecular oncology facility, and Onhealth, a nationwide health and wellness service with 24/7 support, to offer liquid biopsy cancer screening tests. The new FDA-approved liquid biopsy is a type of blood test that can detect cancer in its earliest stages.

As a passionate champion of cancer screening, Dr Sahir is proud to be one of the first medical experts to offer these innovative tests. He encourages employers to get on-board and implement cancer screening for their staff as an employee benefit.

“As a clinical lead , I am excited to offer my medical expertise to those we will take these blood tests. And in the event of a positive test , we will be able to ‘sign post’ you to the appropriate oncology service,” he said.