Medicolegal Expertise


I am a MedicoLegal expert providing expert opinion in personal injury cases, RTAS, employers liability, public liability & clinical negligence. I also work as a management consultant with law firms and advise them on setting up clinical negligence services.

I offer  specialist screening reports for the clinical negligence solicitors. We understand that clinical negligence cases are costly, time consuming and drain resources. Taking on too many cases can be risky and taking on wrong cases can be catastrophic! Having a screening system is essential, and the earlier you get specialist experts involved in your case assessment process, the faster you can weed out cases unlikely to succeed. Early removal of negative cases helps to reduce disbursement costs, work in progress costs and most importantly frees up time to allow you to focus on winnable cases.

Born in India, my professional journey started in India, were I qualified as a medical doctor and later-on as an Orthopaedic Surgeon. I had the good fortune of working in various hospitals across Australia for several years before I moved to the UK.

My medical career in the NHS began in the beautiful town of Northampton, England. Whilst I immensely enjoyed working in the NHS, I had this burning entrepreneurial desire that kept egging me to start an independent career.

So, in 2005 I took the plunge to set up my independent medico-legal practice providing expert opinion as a medico-legal expert to the accident victims, legal professions & Courts of Justice in the UK.

I have also completed MBA in International Healthcare Management, from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, in June 2020.

I have a keen interest in Healthcare Entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and marketing as well as design thinking – I am a passionate mentor to a non-profit healthcare organisation serving underprivileged women of India and a strategic advisor to a telehealth start-up.

I am an aspiring Non-Executive Director (NED). I am a member of the professional body of Non-Executives NEDonBoard in the UK and professionally trained in Corporate Governance and ethics.

Having been born in India and worked for over 20 years in UK, Australia, USA, Germany, and India, I bring a culturally diverse mindset to the boardroom.

Drawing upon my extensive international healthcare and entrepreneurial experience, coupled with the MBA, I am looking forward to mentoring, supporting, and giving my advice to the up-and-coming entrepreneurs and ‘start-ups’.

I am Strategic Clinical Lead for Onhealth which provides nationwide health and wellness services to individuals and employers in the UK, with 24/7 support.